About us

Policy Agenda is the enterprice of ambitious young experts who have gained practical experience in matters concerning governmental communication and administration. Policy Agenda offers help in understanding  some special fields of this kind and it also makes its consumers/users familiar with  policy-making. The main goal of our analyses and research work is to show our clients the fastest and easiest way for reaching their aims.

Since our experts have got remarkable experience in governmental policy-making, as well as in the matters regarding civil service and politics, they can provide highly useful practical guidance in matters and ways of policy agendas.

About our main researchers

Ambrus Kiss (1979) is a political analyst with practical experience in parliamentary and governmental matters. Between 2002 and 2010 he worked for the state  administration as a senior official and his special field was political analyses and research work in social policies.


Peter Krausz (1974) is a communication and media expert. He started his career as a journalist and he worked for some national newspapers. His international experience derives from organizing and setting up the Hungarian branch of Policy Media Enterprise. He worked for the state administration as an expert in governmental communication, political analyses and  media.