Assessment, Analysis, Research

We Assist You Comprehend the World

Our objective is to collect as much information as possible about the tendencies observable in the society, economy and policy.

Conversations Are Indispensable

We do not believe in pseudo debates and revelations but in meaningful conversations. For that reason, it is essential to be able to accept your partner in communication.

All We Believe Are Facts

One may get acquainted with the world around through figures and facts. Literacy is an antidote to fake news.

We Will Find the Missing Piece of Jigsaw

You can read our analyses not merely in pressed media but also online. Follow us and post your comments!

  • We accept the following as our fundamental principle

    We will show you the world that we are surrounded by. Our interpretations are based on facts and figures. We do not claim to know how social issues are to be resolved but we are aware of the fact that effective communication will lead to solution ultimately. To this end we undertake to find the missing pieces of the jigsaw.

  • Trade Unions in Hungary

    We truly believe in solidarity and the power of community. In the realm of labour this power is represented by communities devoted to protecting employees’ interests i.e. trade unions all over the world. Employees’ rights may get reinforced if the organisational and social prestige of trade unions is enhanced. Our objective is to achieve that.

  • Subsistence Level

    It is not easy to talk about poverty and hopelessness in general. Figures and processes express perfectly the features of society that we live in. Our project, the subsistence level researches, follows up the work launched at the change of regime and shows how much will suffice to live on at a very humble standard day by day. We aim at holding a mirror before the society.

  • Programs and Events

    We organise several conferences all year round. Topics discussed at such conferences range from basic income to the pension system. Our major principle is to let way to communication and discourse not merely among the presenters but also involving the audience. Our target is that true issues shall be addressed at such discussions.




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