Policy Agenda discusses social political, economic and political issues. Our objective is to help people interpret the world around us: for that we need data, facts, numbers, researches, and surveys. Elements of the world that create the theoretical grounds for objective judgement of values.

Policy Agenda is a privately-owned independent workshop. The principal field of our survey is the work of labour, the situation of Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises and those in need. But, of course, our purpose is to have a better understanding the flow of politics, social changes of mood and potential trends of development.

The following principles drive us when making the analyses:

  • reliable information sources shall form grounds of the analysis
  • tell opinion and facts apart
  • discuss easily intelligible up to date issues.

To this end, we have published analyses on Hungary reflecting everyday issues on a weekly basis ever since 2010. Definitely our purpose is to discuss specific political issues not just party politics.

The volume, Policy Agenda Books, comprise publications providing an comprehensive view regarding a period or topics long disputed in West Europe are introduced to the Hungarian audience.

For some years now, we have been engaged in researches, compiling a huge database, concerning, for instance, subsistence level, trade union dilemmas, Economic Development Index, SME Prosperity Index and Political Influence Index. Our objective is to set up a diverse database providing new approaches and novel views on Hungarian society, policy and economy.