The major profile of the Policy Agenda is making economic and social political analyses. We publish analyses, researches and surveys weekly, to provide an objective view of the world surrounding us, and of the motives behind economy, society and politics.

Our writings are not merely published in electronic media and press, but at the beginning of each year we publish a political almanac. The volumes published hitherto (Decisions, And The Motives Behind, Second Surge of Crisis, Future Put at Risk) are available at bookstores.

Beyond analyses made for the public, Policy Agenda also provides services to the Clients:

  • on-line research: using our own on-line research engine we make minor-scale market research and opinion poll. We offer this cost-effective service to small enterprises and civil organisations to establish more intense customer relationship and to have a more active cooperation with the partners and members.
  • public opinion poll: primarily we carry out polls through telephone among the inhabitants. Our staff draw up the questionnaire, conduct the polling, and present not only a detailed report of findings but also the correlations and they even make recommendations for further actions.
  • economic prognosis: Like other research institutes in economics, Policy Agenda regularly publishes a macro-prognosis on the major economic indices for the forthcoming one or two years. Additionally, we have elaborated an Economic Development Index, that we have extended to the Visegrad countries in 2013. Furthermore, we undertake to prepare regional and subregional economic analyses mainly for investors.
  • social commercial campaigns: Policy Agenda undertakes to elaborate and conduct campaigns for any target for public benefit. We have organised hitherto three nationwide media campaigns (“You also deserve pay-rise”, “Don’t sign anything without consideration, even if your boss asks you to do…”, “Don’t let yourself be deceived”).
  • research for small and medium sized enterprises: when economics is discussed facts are to be built your arguments on. To this end Policy Agenda makes a quarterly survey among company executives inquiring about their companies’ potentials, chances and plans. In the framework of the survey program Policy Agenda developed the OTP SME Prosperity Index and the MVM Partner Energetics Market Research.
  • communication plan development: Our company undertakes to involve communication experts with practical exercise to develop communication plans for an event or a program and to collaborate in implementation.
  • crisis communication: Have you ever considered to request unbiased opinion in the case of unexpected events to assess the situation impartially and to provide practical advice for the resolution of issues. Occasionally, active or proactive behaviour is indispensable, whereas irresponsive attitude leads nowhere. Our staff undertake to develop communication plans and consultation in the course of implementation. We provide feedback tour Clients through analyses to give a review of achievements in crisis resolution and prevention.